External forces do not dictate my life.
I am living proof of the power of God’s grace.
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HI I’m Florence Green!

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Mary W. Johnson’s story:

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Omar Small
Omar Small
Sheryl Hatwood is a creative pioneer. Her work is illuminating, intuitive, and refreshingly honest.

Laura B.
I am a actress/writer and have performed one-woman shows based on my life, so I know how empowering the courage to release the weight of suffering can be for self and others. Your story can help so many people because of your honesty and your courage. Those whose lives mirror your past life — or have other issues that they use to self-flagellate  because they see themselves as "bad" or worthless —  can experience a vicarious lifting of their burdens. Such releasing can sow seeds of transcendence to nourish a new beginning

Uriel G.
Compelling, brilliant. Absolutely loved it!

Joanne D.
Sheryl, I knew from the start that anything you put your gifts, talents & heart to will be great. I was so looking forward to coming and it was AMAZING! I don't tear up too easily but this really touched me and made me think of my wounded soul & how God so awesomely restored it, as well as all those wounded souls out there who need our Lord. But after learning this was your story, it made it so much more special & deep. God bless your next endeavor.

Andrea R.
I am super proud of you. You exemplified so much courage in telling your story. It's my honor to know such an amazing overcomer as yourself. The entire play was beautifully done and the cast was very well prepared, professional and wonderful. They brought it all to life in a wonderful way. May God continue to richly bless you and I look forward to seeing more from you.

Krystle D.
I always knew you were a great story teller and writer and that you possess a creative mind that brings forth a powerful and inspirational message every time you write a script.

However, this time it was so much more. You showed courage, boldness and strength to keep writing and producing this your story when I'm sure fear and uncertainty wanted to hold you back many times. Your will to keep going and pressing on showed that you didn't let the negativity hold you back from the positive outcome that this play definitely had. I am proud and inspired by your passion and your courage.